Baptism and Wedding Receptions

The ideal multiplex to host your wedding or christening you always dreamed of

Club Cheval

A newly built multitasking estate in Thessaloniki.

Club Cheval, is an estate of 18.000 s.m, located at N. Raidestos, just 20 minutes from Thessaloniki. I.KE.M (Macedonian Riding

Center) operates inside the estate. Club Cheval, is a newly built multitasking estate, in which different kind of social events can

take place, during the whole year, from official riding events to the wedding of your dreams.

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Social Events

Club Cheval is the ideal place for your social events, throughout the year.

Apart from the special formed exterior, Club Cheval has a 300 s.m. indoors ball room, that can be transformed accordingly to social events’ demands.

The “open space” form of the interior, gives you the opportunity to shape it according to the theme of your event.

The exterior, about 1.300 s.m, is divided …

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Horse Riding Center of Macedonia is housed  at Club Cheval.

I.KE.M has the possibility of fully hospitality of 60 horses, throughout the year, with the contribution of its well trained and experienced  personnel.

You can find horse riding classes, from amateurs s to professional riders.

Also there is a special class for therapeutics riding lessons for people with special needs.

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